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Feng Shui nay or yay? Vol.1

Find out the do's and don'ts in Feng Shui Interior Design!

SO Feng Shui Room Score Quiz

Interior Design and Feng Shui sometimes play by different rules. Indeed the differences can be somewhat eye opening at times! Let's explore together what you can learn about Feng Shui in order to create spaces with positive energy!

Here comes the quiz:

I show you a picture - you score!

First guess the Feng Shui nays and/or yays, then scroll down for my score!

Vol.1 Working desk

This working niche looks stunning doesn’t it? In terms of Feng Shui do you think this is a good place to work at? From 1 (worst) to 10 (best), what Feng Shui score would you give this place and why?

SO Score:

I rate this working desk with a 3 in terms of Feng Shui friendliness.

Surprised? Here is why:

1. Never face a wall when you sit at a desk. It limits your ideas.

2. Sitting with the back facing the room makes you feel vulnerable. You can’t see what’s happening behind your back (literally).

3. In Feng Shui it’s recommended to always sit in the so-called “command position” from where you easily can see all doors and windows of the room. It makes you have control over your life.

4. Contrary to common believe white is not a good color for working in terms of Feng Shui. White represents the Feng Shui element of metal and it’s too yang, too active. Better use the grounding element of wood with literally wooden material or colors.

5. The desk is not rooted solid on the floor and therefore does not feel grounded. It doesn’t support you much.

6. The shelves above are a potential hazard for the person sitting at this desk, they could be lose, or items could fall down on the head.

7. Last but not least: the space is tight and limited to work properly. You won’t have the best and most creative ideas here.

I gave this desk a score of 3,

so what are the positive elements of this space?

1. The clear arrangement of things is a plus. There is no clutter, which is a good thing in feng shui. If your environment is decluttered, your thoughts are “sorted”.

2. The placement of some Feng Shui friendly plants is always a good idea to absorb electronic waves.

3. The wooden floor representing the element of wood, gives the space grounding and you feel anchored in life.

So what was your score? Did you figure out the do's and don'ts?

Let me know your thoughts!

Next SO Feng Shui Room Score Quiz coming up soon!

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