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Feng Shui nay or yay? Vol.2

Find out the do's and don'ts in Feng Shui Interior Design!

SO Feng Shui Room Score Quiz

Interior Design and Feng Shui sometimes play by different rules. Indeed the differences can be somewhat eye opening at times! Let's explore together what you can learn about Feng Shui in order to create spaces with positive energy!

Here comes the quiz:

I show you a picture - you score!

First guess the Feng Shui nays and/or yays, then scroll down for my score!

Vol.2 Bedroom

What do you think of this bedroom? Looks fresh and clean and bright, right? Quite inviting. In terms of Feng Shui do you think you would sleep well in this bed? From 1 (worst) to 10 (best), what Feng Shui score would you give this bedroom and why?

SO Score:

I rate this bedroom with a 3 in terms of Feng Shui friendliness.

Surprised? Here is why:

1. Never sleep with your head towards a window. Let alone towards a wall of multiple windows like in this case. You are not protected and subconsciously feeling uncertain about whats happening behind your back. In Feng Shui it is recommended to always sleep with the head against a solid wall with no window in the wall.

2. The headboard of this bed is not very high. The higher and bigger the headboard, the better you feel protected.

3. Did you notice there are no curtains in this bedroom? Curtains are multi-functional, not only in Feng Shui terms. The obvious and primary reason for curtains in a bedroom is to darken the room for a better sleep. Another reason is to cozy up the room. Rooms without curtains feel somewhat cold and sterile, which might be suitable in an office environment, but not in a bedroom. The most relevant Feng Shui reason for curtains in this bedroom would be though to create that protection behind you when you sleep, especially if the headboard is low and the wall is full of windows. Be creative, there are many solutions for curtain designs that would fit on these windows.

4. Air conditioning in a bedroom is as important as in any room when the outside temperatures rise, but the position of these AC outlets are directly above your head. This airflow towards your head can be the reason for a windy and restless night at best and headaches and stiff muscles the next morning at worst.

5. Did you pay attention to the ceiling fan? The same rules apply for this fan as for the air conditioning described above. Too much movement above your head and too much wind prevent you from having an uninterrupted and calm sleep. But even if the fan is off, a fan directly above the bed is not considered good energy for your bedroom. It symbolizes as well a potential hazard.

6. A cozy and calming bedroom has ideally got a soothing color scheme. Depending on the element needed in this room in terms of Feng Shui, the colors can vary, but they should always carry a YIN, feminine quality, as supposed to a YANG, masculine quality like in this room.

7. While the shape of the ceiling seems attractive and unique, these kind of sloping ceilings are not considered beneficial. The energy seems to get stuck in the vaulted ceiling and prevents a good circulation of energy flow.

I gave this bedroom a score of 3,

so what are the positive elements of this space?

1. The bedside tables are very Feng Shui friendly. Bedside tables are supposed to be the same height as the mattress and should be present on either side of the bed for ideal balance.

2. The bedside table lamps on both sides of the bed are as well important for good energy. Make sure though the electric radiation is not too strong. Some lamps, especially very low priced ones, have shockingly high radiation which can disturb your sleep. Prepared Feng Shui consultants will measure the radiation for you with a special device.

3. Make your bed ready to sleep every day; air the sheets, shake the pillows and tidy it up every day like in this picture. These tidy bed sheets get a big Feng Shui plus!

So what was your score this time?

Did you figure out the do's and don'ts?

Let me know your thoughts!

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