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    Creating a balanced home  

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    How To Feng Shui Your Home

    For The New Year


    As founder of SO FENG SHUI DESIGN, SIMONE OSSWALD has all the components you need for a happy, healthy living environment.

    Lindsay Judge | 30-12-2018

    Sleep envy? Solutions by design


    id asked Feng Shui expert Simone Osswald how to create a calm and relaxing bedroom.

    Joanne Molina |

  • Let's rebalance

    your life.


    With Feng Shui Living

    & Wellness Design.


    "Feel the positive change in your private or professional life, through spaces individually Feng Shui designed in harmony with you."

    Simone Osswald



    "Feng Shui is no hocus pocus, it is pure science"

    Master Yap Boh Chu

    The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is the study and analysis of the interaction between people, buildings and their environment. It allows for many improvements to be made in several personal life aspects by modifying living, working and sharing environments.


    It is the harmonious balance of space and energy through the most suitable allocation of rooms and the arrangement of furniture and objects. To create a harmonious space yin and yang energy want to be equally present and the five elements fire, earth, metal, water and wood nurture each other. Colors, materials and shapes within a space can lead to a very significant enrichment in one’s personal and/or professional life.



    My approach to FENG SHUI WELLNESS DESIGN® provides a balanced combination of


    the classic Chinese FENG SHUI practice,

    Western INTERIOR DESIGN principles

    & WELL Building Standard® features


    Various FENG SHUI schools are applied as well as the principles of Yin and Yang and the cycle of

    the Five elements Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.


    The INTERIOR DESIGN principles address the room layout, furniture, accessories, materials, colors, patterns and shapes, lighting, flooring and drapes. To enhance positive energy within a space Classic Chinese Feng Shui uses accessories such as red golden tassels and bamboo flutes which sometimes do not meet everyone's taste. There is an alternative solution where to utilize Western oriented but Feng Shui friendly design, furniture, objects and accessories to achieve the same effect and results for any Interior Design project.


    The WELL Building Standard® is a system for measuring, certifying, and monitoring features of the built environment that impact human health and well-being, through air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort, and mind. In my Feng Shui Wellness Design® consultation I incorporate specific features to maximize the wellness factor for all environments.





    What's in it for you? A total WELLNESS project solution!


    The classic FENG SHUI consultation provides the analysis of the space in question with general recommendations on positioning of rooms/furniture and sometimes remedies to improve less beneficial areas.


    The wider FENG SHUI WELLNESS DESIGN® approach enriches the classical Feng Shui consultation with a detailed and contemporary visual guideline including health and well-being features that is easy to incorporate into any environmental project.


    The output is a unique handbook for Architects, Interior Designers and corporate entities including recommendations on colors, shapes and materials as well as proposals for actual Feng Shui friendly products and Wellness home products imported from the most prestigious European brands to the most cost effective locally sourced solutions.


    Do you want to improve your private life or your business success?



    Feng Shui Wellness Design for Life will give you information on what is the current situation of the exterior and interior spaces of your home and how it affects your personal life aspects such as health and finances.


    The audit report reveals suggestions on how to rebalance the energies of your home to assure good health and happiness in different life aspects of all residents.


    My graphical and easy to follow guidelines will show you how to

    • allocate existing rooms to its best use for the existing energy
    • arrange furniture for the best energy support of the residents
    • use colors, shapes and materials to support positive energy




    Feng Shui Wellness Design for Business focusses on the success of a company and the good health of the employees and business users.


    The audit report will analyze the current situation of the exterior and interior spaces of the business premises and how this affects employees, clients and ultimately the company’s success. It includes recommendations on how to rebalance the energies for the most beneficial outcome.


    You will receive detailed guidelines on how to

    • ensure the optimum allocation for reception, lobby, desk positions, meeting rooms, waiting areas and working places to capitalize on the best use of existing energy 
    • benefit through colors, shapes and materials to drive the positive energy in the workplace


    • Feng Shui Landscaping Design
    • Arranging and purchasing of furniture, wallpaper, curtains and accessories based on the Feng Shui Design Guidelines
    • Trade discounted purchasing prices available for local and international products
    • Feng Shui workshops 





    Let's discuss your project.

    You will notice the difference.



    Regarded as the first and only ‘Feng Shui Wellness Designer’ my expertise and passion are to combine the three elements FENG SHUI, INTERIOR DESIGN and WELLNESS to create interior spaces that are in total harmony with their residents and guests.


    Years of working within the Interior Design arena with learnings from International furniture and décor trade shows in Milan and Paris and permanent top-ups on Feng Shui disciplines and WELL® building standards have cemented my all-round approach to Feng Shui Wellness Design. Clients whom appreciate this unique level of service include VIP’s, corporate entities, hospitality and government organizations.


    I gained my certification as a Feng Shui Consultant at the Institute of Excellence Berlin, Germany, the first European Institute to be certified by the International Feng Shui Association, Singapore (VP Grand Master Raymond Lo).


    I am also qualified as a Feng Shui Interior Designer, accredited by the Western oriented Feng Shui education at the NYIAD New York Institute of Art + Design, New York City, USA.


    My mother tongue is German and I’m also fluent in English, Italian and French.


    My Feng Shui qualifications include the Form School Luan Tou, Compass School Xuan Kong Fei Xing (Flying Stars), Xuan Kong Da Gua and the Ba Zhai method as well as the Western School Eight Life Aspirations Method.


    Among my teachers were Feng Shui Master Petra Coll-Exposito, Grand Master and International Bestseller Author Dr. Stephen Skinner, Master Yap Boh Chu - second generation Feng Shui Master and son of legendary Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai.

    Simone Osswald



    I'm grateful for the permission to publish some of my corporate clients.


    I'd like to thank my below clients and partners for their kind testimonials. It's nice to make a difference.

    Zeina Noujaim

    Director at Architeriors Interior Design LLC, Dubai U.A.E.

    “Simone makes super sense of the world of Feng Shui”

    Having worked with various Feng Shui practitioners, in many cases the final reports can be somewhat confusing. Simone’s Feng Shui solutions however bring creativity with clarity that is a breath of fresh air.

    On a recent government offices project she came back to us with very clear and understandable guidelines containing optional directions of desks, meeting tables, etc. She gave us graphical mood boards for all areas with options for colors and shapes, patterns and materials to use in all rooms. The job was basically done! Our presentation to our client was a great success. Simone even provided us a selection of Feng Shui friendly Italian furniture and accessories that we consequently have ordered on our client’s behalf.

    Simone understands the needs of architects and Interior Designers very well and is always ready for practical solutions. Her eye for design in combination with her experience in furniture and accessories make her unique in the Feng Shui field.

    Severine D'Antras

    Private Villa in The Lakes, Dubai U.A.E.

    "I had a fantastic and moving experience with Simone applying Feng Shui to my new house.
    Simone chose my kid's bedrooms according to their personalities, she identified the colours that suited my needs and life style for all rooms. She arranged the furniture according to positive energy directions and as a result my home is now a zen haven.
    After the Feng Shui Consultation I found a new job within 3 months. I have never slept better. My friends love coming over to a positive and happy home. My son met his best friend next door. My children are calm and feel rested and are having a lot of friends coming over.
    It is the best thing we did for our family. I would recommend it for everyone."

    Edward McHardy

    Managing Partner at The McHardy Group FZ LLC, Dubai U.A.E.

    "I must admit to being rather ignorant and skeptical as an architect with respect to the principles of Feng Shui even though it has been recognized for many years within the design profession.
    An opportunity arose to change all this when I was fortunate enough to work on a private Client's villa development here in Dubai.
    Simone certainly knew her subject and had the patience to educate me on the key principals of Feng Shui that should be employed when planning a villa. (..)
    Over the course of a number of weeks several annotations of plans were prepared and each time Simone analyzed and prepared clear and precise reports/findings on the success and failures of the plans. However Simone did not stop there but also prepared suggestions for addressing any challenge that came up and sitting down and clearly explaining with a smile even though at times she must have been frustrated with the architect, namely me.
    I would have no hesitation in recommending Simone to any Client who wished to take the subject of Feng Shui seriously and really wised to incorporate into their design. A true knowledgeable professional who has the added talent of being an interior designer, who has patience and a happy demeanor. Simone not only educates but brings a passion on the subject to the table.
    I for one wish Simone the very best and hope many client's will put their faith in her. I know I will."

    Chanpheng Ratsavong

    Private Villa Arabian Ranches, Dubai U.A.E.

    I was always curious to learn how I could apply Feng Shui for good health, loving relationships and a comfortable financial status for my family. I surfed the internet and read endless pages on the subject. However it was not easy to apply what I read because I found sometimes conflicting or confusing advice from different sources.

    Then a common friend introduced me to Simone who explained the greater benefits of a personalized Feng Shui consultation that will take into account at minimum the dates of birth of the entire family and the floor plan of my house. Mixing art and science, Simone audited each room methodically and precisely and provided a report full of practical, tasteful and useful advice. I was shocked when she pointed out a location of the house where a member of my family is suffering from a stomach problem! It was my daughter's bedroom but I had never told her that my daughter had indeed been suffering from this chronic pain since she was little. She suggested a solution to counter the adverse effect in that area of the house and my daughter is sleeping better these days.

    I would not hesitate to recommend Simone who is very warm and intuitive with razor sharp focus on making your living environment a better place to thrive. Give her a try and see it for yourself!



    Emma Daly Goodall

    Owner of The Loungerie, Dubai U.A.E.

    "Working with Simone has been a very rewarding experience"

    Not only is her knowledge of Feng Shui enlightening, it's how she shares the details. And this helped me get a better understanding of what we wanted to achieve. Simone is motivated by each individual project and its a pleasure to see her at work. I look forward to working with her again soon.

    Wafaa Azzaoui

    Owner of Copacabana Beauty Salon, Dubai U.A.E.

    Starting my first own business I want everything to be almost perfect that’s why I’m so lucky to work with Simone. She’s very helpful and professional.
    The report was ready on time, clear full of details it was beyond my exception.
    Job well done.
    Thanks Simone

    Lorena Puica

    Founder CEO iamYiam Limited, London U.K.

    “Harmony of science and art”

    Simone provided us a clear picture of the Feng Shui science overlayed with the art of her experience for one of our locations with the aim of achieving a human centric interior design that aligns with the values of our project: integrity, authenticity and purposeful logic.

    The combination of professionalism and personal service we received from Simone was outstanding.


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    id asked Feng Shui expert Simone Osswald how to create a calm and relaxing bedroom.

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    SO Feng Shui Room Score Quiz Interior Design and Feng Shui sometimes play by different rules. Indeed the differences can be somewhat eye opening at times! Let's explore together what you can learn about Feng Shui in order to create spaces with positive energy! Here comes the quiz: I show you...

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